Hanakia Zedek

Minneapolis, MN

Priest of The Philosophy of Nothing/CEO Hanakia Zedek.Org


Leigh Cohen Wyatt is a wonderful coordinator and connecter. She has an innate ability to create and hold space. Leigh has the gift of listening and facilitating on many different levels. If you have the opportunity to work with Leigh, in any capacity.....take it! HZ

Kelly Larson

Burnsville, MN

DoTERRA Essential Oils


Leigh provides some of the best advise and incites I have ever experienced with Psychic Readers. She blends her skills as a Life Coach with her readings and utilizes those skills to guide clients to the answers for their questions.

Leigh has also created a wonderful space for others to provide similar services in a holistic setting at her location in Buffalo called Faery House. This not just a store, it needs to be experienced, a safe space to share feelings, learn, treat yourself to services, and relax
among family.

Debbie Ducic

South West WA

Domain.com.au  Sales Account Manager for Domain Group


I met Leigh through a mastermind group put together by Sian Lindemann of Sian Design. I worked with Leigh as a mentor in promoting her online presence and have found her to be easy to work with, caring, committed and confident of her abilities. She is always looking to grow and expand her ability to help others achieve their best, recently gaining professional Life Coach Distinction. I have yet to get a reading from her, but after researching her experience, I have no problem recommending her if you are looking for answers!
Debbie Ducic
Founder of GutZy Women

Liane Pinel

Airdrie AB Canada

Owner at Forever Keepsakes Ltd.


Leigh is a strong, blunt, intuitive councellor with a knack for getting to the bottom of issues standing in your way to success and kicking them senseless so you can go through, over, or around any obstacle you may inadvertantly have placed in your own way. Love her no nonsense approach. A breath of fresh air!

Chuck Manning

Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Independent Software Contractor


Bottom line; Leigh is a no nonsense, on point and most of all amazingly accurate straight shooter with an extremely personable disposition. If you're looking for advice and/or guidance on anything from the very benign to the extremely tough issues in life then this is exactly what anyone would want and need in my opinion. If you're ready to get serious and make real progress with actionable guidance then Leigh is who you want in your corner.

I've spent quite some time researching and working with others in her field and Leigh's advice, guidance, insight and delivery was absolutely phenomenal. I was literally (in a positive way) stunned and within minutes it was as if I'd stepped into another league altogether. In fact I've been accused of being a bit over-the-top in my search and research however in my mind I considered it just being as thorough as possible because I wanted the very best and I found the best with Leigh and as I mentioned I knew it within the first few minutes of our first conversation.

And I suppose my greatest endorsement of Leigh's work would be her ability to help you learn something about yourself VERY quickly. I have years of experience on that particular topic with other professional counselors/advisers and I can say without a doubt that I've had more “AH HA!” moments in minutes while speaking with Leigh than in hours and hours with the others.

I can't say it enough, Leigh is accurate and to the point with crystal clear delivery.

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